# Code of Conduct

All contributors and maintainers of this guide, in the interest of fostering an open and welcoming community, are required to adhere to the [Major League Hacking Code of Conduct][mlh-coc].

### Addendum for Open Source Projects

Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to the [Major League Hacking Code of Conduct][mlh-coc], or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.

By adopting this Code of Conduct, project maintainers commit themselves to fairly and consistently applying these principles to every aspect of managing this project. Project maintainers who do not follow or enforce the [Code of Conduct][mlh-coc] may be permanently removed from the project team.

The [Major League Hacking Code of Conduct][mlh-coc] applies both within project spaces and in public spaces when an individual is representing the project or its community.

### Credits

Inspired by [Jekyll's Code of Conduct][jekyll-coc].

[mlh-coc]: https://github.com/MLH/mlh-policies/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md
[jekyll-coc]: https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/blob/master/CONDUCT.markdown